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Create a Schedule for Daily & Weekly Task. This Will Make Your Life Easier Than You Think!

Before you start this process, you need to declutter. Having too much clutter, things will never get easier. Think about what you want your house to look like and set realistic goals to get there. The smart thing to do would be is to focus on one room at a time, do not go to another room until you’ve completed the room you’re currently working on. You can do this! I’ll have weekly declutter challenges for different rooms of the house. Join in, it’ll be fun.

Once your home is free from clutter, it will be a piece of cake to keep it clean and tidy. Things that you decide to keep, have a specific place for them. Get a dry erase calendar or board and put it somewhere near your cleaning supplies to stay on task. Try this for a month and you won’t even need to look at your posted calendar. Martha Stewart has a pretty good system you can start with. This can be started and put into good practice while we declutter together. I’ve shared the link below:


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Happy Decluttering & Creating your Schedule,

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