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Declutter Entryway Challenge. What’s at Your Front Door?

The entryway of your home should be free from clutter; it should be warm and welcoming. It’s also the first impression of your home. Typical items may be shoes, mail, bags, door mat, umbrellas, etc...

All these items are fine, but they should be organized. Nothing should be thrown on the floor. Everything should have a place.

Entryway Ideas:

1. Mats should be on both sides of the door

2. Mounts can be used for jackets or bags

3. Key racks are good at the front door

4. Shoe rack or storage bench

5. Umbrella storage

The first thing you need to do is observe your entryway and decide which items should go such as unused jackets, old shoes, broken items, and old mail. To declutter you need four boxes: Keep, Trash, Donate, and Sell. Donated items should go to a donation center as soon as possible. Trash goes out and a decision need to be made on how you will sell certain items (garage sale or Craigs List). Items that are kept need a home. Your job now is to be creative and think of how you want to store things or get ideas from Pinterest. There are so many different ways this can be organized. I’ve shared two links below; one from Martha Stewart and the other from HDTV:



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Photo: Pottery Barn

Happy Decluttering,

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