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Declutter Junk Drawer Challenge

What’s in your junk drawer? Many of ours consists of the same items; some more and some maybe less. Does your drawer look more like drawer A or B?

Items in a typical junk drawer may include scissors, pens, pencils, tape, menus, rubber bands, glue, note pads, batteries, etc. Although these items are typically in the drawer, wouldn’t it be nice if it looked organized? All these items can be organized very in expensively in your drawer. I personally have a silverware holder with some items and a 1/2 in binder with take-out menus. You can also use different size plastic baskets of your choice. I’ll give you a few ideas and challenge you to organize your junk drawer.

Stainless Steel Utensil Holder @ Amazon


Plastic Baskets @ Amazon


This challenge will take less time than you think. Things that you never use, throw them out. I'm sure you could use the room. You will feel better and it will be easier to sort through.

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Happy Organizing! Yours Truly, Rekita @ Genuinely Organized

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