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Happy National Simplicity Week!! (August 2nd - August 8th)

Updated: Aug 6

Advantages of keeping things simple:

1. Feel more productive

If you make a simple list, you can stick to it by taking things day by day. Having a daily "To-Do List" with no more than 10 items listed is doable. Be patient with yourself and keep it simple.

2. Stressless

Making things simple keeps the stress level down. Trying to do too many things can overwhelm the mind.

3. Stay focused

Stick to your list and try not to deviate from it. Your main objective is to accomplish your daily or weekly goals.

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How to make some things simple in your home:

Declutter a closet

Start small by decluttering a closet in your home. If you have items that you do not need, get rid of them. Having your clothes organized by color, size, or style creates simplicity.

Set aside a few hours each day for yourself

Make time for yourself. Whether it is in the morning or afternoon, try to set aside at least an hour a day for some much needed me time. Unplugging from the internet or a mobile device and try meditation, working out, or pick up a book you have put off reading. Having "me time" makes things run smoothly because it allows you to relax and do what you enjoy.

Spend time with a friend

Sometimes we are too busy that we do not have time to spend with our friends. I am guilty of this. Know that it is possible to get personal and work-related things accomplished and still make time with your friends. Schedule dates if you have to. Write them down in your planner or calendar so you will not forget. We can get overwhelmed with various obligations sometimes, but at the end of the day, find a solution that will make things simpler for you. Life does not have to be chaos. Make a plan a make life simple!

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Happy Simplicity Week,

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