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How do you organize your shoes?

My weekend project was shoe organizing. I stored my shoes in boxes with photos on them. I‘m 5’4” and finally got tired of using my step ladder to get shoes when needed. I saw a shoe shelf in a book and thought: I like that; I should do that!

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

I purchased a simple shoe rack from Amazon for easier access. I really thought I’d miss seeing photos of my shoes, but I absolutely love my new shoe rack. It’s so much better already. I organized them by style. My highest wedges went on the top shelf and others went directly below. Then I put hills and clogs in order by color, casual shoes & low boots, and last two rows of my shoes are sneakers. It’s a ten tier rack that can hold fifty pair of shoes. I keep fancier shoes and boots in boxes at the top of the closet that I don't wear often. The rack is perfect and I’d definitely recommend it. The rack was very easy to put together and it fits perfectly up against the wall in my closet. I’ll share the link below:


Sandals, flip-flops, and slippers can be stored in a over the door shoe organizer. I've purchased this rack from amazon as well:

Over the Door Shoe Organizer,Hanging Shoe Holder with 24 Extra Large Fabric Pockets for Storage Men Sneakers,Women High Heeled Shoes,Slippers Beige wi

Photo: Amazon

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Photo: Rekita

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