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July is Safety Month. Are You Prepared for Summer Injuries, Hurricanes, and Staying Safe.

July is Safety Month and also the start of hurricane season. Summer is here and bottom line is that we need to make sure we are all prepared and our families are safe. With school being out and things are attempting to get back to normal, kids are out enjoying the outdoors. First Aid kits for your home and car should be stocked, you should have a hurricane bin prepared, and of course all of the necessities to keep us safe from COVID-19. You want to have things on hand when accidents occur and when storms are heading your way.

Genuinely Organized is all about organization. Here are some ideas that I use to make sure my family is safe. This could possibly lessen your stress or anxiety levels if the unexpected happens.

First Aid Kit - Home

First Aid Kits can be purchased or put together yourself. The choice is yours, but I personally put my own together with all of my preferred items using Martha Stewart’s checklist:


These items can be stored in a plastic storage container with a lid. Make sure the container is spacious, strong, and easy to handle. It should be stored in a dry cool space and away from small children. Make sure you keep all items and medications stocked and make sure medications like pain relievers, ointments, and allergy medications aren’t expired. Keep an emergency blanket along with these items. Fold it and put it on top of the storage bin. Always include an emergency card for each family member. All adults in the household should know where this First Aid Kit is kept.

First Aid Kit – Car

A simple First Aid Kit is also good to have in your car. I’ll have to admit, I took the easy way out on this one and purchased a small one from Amazon:


It’s just the right size for your car, if you don’t want anything too big. I keep mine in my arm console and it fits perfect. It’s also a good idea to keep an emergency blanket in your car. For those who would like a bigger kit, Amazon does have bigger kits that would fit perfect in the trunk. If you’d like to make one on your own, Martha Stewart gives great input on what it should include…


Hurricane Bin

If you live near a hurricane path, you should always be prepared for a hurricane. Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 and whether you live close to the beach or not, you are most likely to lose power at least once during that time. Getting my hurricane bin together is something I look forward to doing each year. It makes me feel good to know that I’m prepared if things get bad. I usually take a weekend shopping trip to the store to get things needed on my list.

All import documents should be in a plastic bag. It is also good to have a portable phone charger just in case your phone goes out. I tend to start charging all of my devices a day or two in advance. Along with flashlights, I also have tap lights that can be purchased from Dollar Tree. These lights come in handy for reading or playing games. Card games and board games are good items to have during a storm to keep your mind off of what lies ahead.


COVID-19 Safety

It seems that masks are becoming the new normal in 2020. Many places are making it mandatory to wear a mask out in public. I own several homemade ones and wear them when I’m out in public. Are they comfortable? Absolutely Not! I feel like I’m suffocating because it is hot outside and they fog up my glasses. But guess what, they are very cute, and I feel safer when I’m out and about.

Some are concerned with wearing masks with it being so hot. I’ve read different articles on wearing masks on these hot summer days and came across one to share that includes safety tips….


School is out and it’s hot! Who wouldn’t want to cool of in some nice refreshing water? That’s what we do in the summer, we swim! I’d love to go to the beaches, swimming pools, and water parks, but I’m not sure how safe they are. With beaches being open with no restrictions, it’s left up to each individual to use their own judgement and safety precautions. Please stay aware of policies regarding the pandemic in your area. Hopefully everyone complies to all safety measures including social distancing as much as they can, wear your mask, and wash your hands often so that we can stay as safe.


Genuinely Organized wishes Everyone a Safe Holiday Weekend!

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