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Let’s Prepare to Get Your Home Organized for 2021

Having an organized home starts with a plan. Organizing the entire home can very well be well be done by streamlining home task using a system that works specifically for you. Routine checklists are your best friends and they should be made into a schedule. To organize the home, we must start with cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning, a weekly regular chore chart should be put into place. When you first start, you will have to do a room by room declutter. If you decide to use a printed checklist or make one of your own, you’ll be more productive if you stay consistant with the order of your task. It would be a good idea to make a list of all chores in categories such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, twice a year, and yearly. Putting your chores in categories will keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Once your home is clean, now you can get to the fun part…. ORGANIZING! Take it slow and plan realistically. List your rooms in the order of which you would like to work. If you have a two-story house, I’d recommend starting at the top and working your way downstairs and save your kitchen for last. If you have a blank stare when it comes to organizing, use Google or Pinterest. Ideas are all over the internet. Organizing can be done costly or on a budget. The number one goal is to have everything in its place and to make things run smoothly in your home.

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There are plenty of organizing checklist to choose from online. You should be able to get an idea or direction that you’d want to go. Once you find a checklist, it’s now time to search stores or online for the organizing products you’d like to use. I’ve purchased products from Amazon – Walmart. My favorite products are Better Homes and Garden and I also love the iDesign products. When finding a product, try to stay consistant throughout the house. If you can’t stay consistant with the brand, at least keep the color the same; its best to stay neutral.

Each room should have its own checklist that should be simple and to the point, and very manageable. I’m actually working on my 2021 routine and organizing checklist that I will share with you before the end of the year. I’ve used several different online checklists in the past, but after adding my own changes here and there, I decided to make my own that works best for me. Mr. Handyman has a nice home organizing checklist to get started, which I’ve shared the link below. The checklist gives you an idea of what you will need to organize your home. Mr. Handyman has several locations worldwide and you can search for locations in your area from the link.


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