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September is Self-Improvement Month. What Can You Improve About Yourself?

I'm sure there is something you'd like to improve about yourself. Some of us would like to be more fit, eat better, or take control over your mental self because of what's going on now. We are at the start of a new month, and we're about to start a new season. How about focusing on yourself this month and make a change for the better.

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Welcome to Genuinely Organized First Friday Blog Post. With September being Self-Improvement month, I wanted to focus on just that. As organized as I am, I still have areas to improve. I made up my mind before the summer to start improving my physical health, eating habits, and my state of mind. I thought it would be a challenge, but it hasn't been bad at all, and I feel a lot better overall.

Eating Healthy

What is eating healthy? According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a healthy diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish, poultry, beans, eggs, low-fat milk, and nuts.


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Eating healthy was once a challenge for me. I'm from Louisiana and love good food. For a while now, I've been wanting to make a lifestyle change transitioning my white carbs to brown carbs. I made the transition a few months ago and loved it. I had to discover healthy foods I enjoyed. I'm currently on Weight Watchers, which allows me to eat what I want in moderation. It works for me and keeps me on track. We sometimes do better when we are held accountable. I love scanning my food because it gives me the option to make a choice and be responsible for the decision I make. When I make the right decisions during the week, I look forward to weighing in on Mondays.

If you have bad eating habits and would like to work on this, find a solution that works for you. It may not be Weight Watchers, but there is something out there that will suit your needs. There are endless food tracking apps that make you aware of what you're about to consume. Before I joined Weight Watchers, I used My Fitness Pal. After entering your goal, it calculates how many calories you should intake in a day. For those of you that have a Fitbit, take advantage of their 90-day free premium trial. Fitbit has guided programs for healthy eating that helps you understand calories and more. Food can be tracked on a Fitbit as well.

Physical Health

How much should we exercise? According to the American Heart Association, adults should at least get in 150 minutes of exercise per week. That's not a lot when we have 10,080 minutes in a week. Break the time so that it works for you. I like the sound of thirty minutes for five days a week. Mondays are a must because it sets your mood for the rest of the week. If you're not comfortable or don't have time to go to the gym, use your technology. There are phone apps galore that have quick workouts and also plenty of videos on the Amazon Firestick. All these things keep me on track. I love tracking my movements; it keeps me accountable for my activity. Fitbit's 90-day trial also has guided programs for at-home workouts. I'm not sure about you, but I love taking advantage of free subscriptions. Make sure you set a reminder on your phone when to cancel the subscription. I usually put a reminder two-three days before it ends; no one wants a surprise charge. If it's something, you like it may be worth the cost.


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If you're not into apps and videos, take a pleasant stroll in your neighborhood or at the nearest park. With music in your ears, a thirty-minute walk can benefit you if done daily. Do it for yourself. Enjoy the fresh air and get your exercise in. Bike riding is always good too. Ride through your neighborhood or a close-by trail. Any physical activity is better than none, and it's right for you. Make sure you consult with your physician before you sign up for anything that you usually don't do.

Mental Health

Do you feel overwhelmed? If so, this year has been stressful for many, so you are not alone. Not only were kids home before the end of the school year, but many had to manage their full-time jobs and homeschool their kids. First responders and essential workers had not only to take on more hours but put their lives and their family members' health at risk during this pandemic. I can see how that can be stressful for anyone.

According to Healthy People (healthypeople.gov), mental health is essential to a person's well-being, healthy family, and interpersonal relationships, and the ability to live a full and productive life. If you are having any signs of depression, or anxiety, you should contact your doctor ASAP.


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If you are not experiencing any major mental issues, but just want a piece of mind every once in a while, meditation is always right. I start my morning off with morning meditation. Once again, Fitbit's premium plan has several Mindful Minutes sessions to try. They range from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. You can take advantage of this in a 90-day free trial. I love it. If you don't have a Fitbit, you can find a meditation app or pandora channel. It's always good to start the day off with a peaceful mind.

So, there you have it; if you didn't have any idea of what you wanted to improve about yourself, you now have three or an idea on where to start. Take the time out to figure out what you'd like to improve and make a basic plan. It doesn't have to be anything significant, but make sure you write it down. It helps when you see it all the time, so make sure it's somewhere, you'll see it daily. Don't forget to use anything you can use to hold yourself accountable such as apps to track daily exercise or food, or if you want to improve the way you keep your house organized, you can make a plan to manage one room at a time. Make a list and reference it. Remember, whatever you chose to do is doable. Do this for yourself to make yourself a better you!

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Happy Improving,

Rekita @ Genuinely Organized

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