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Summer May Be the Best Time to Get Ready for Christmas

Are you one of those people who walk into stores in October and think Christmas stuff already? It's a good idea to get Christmas things in order before then. What about summer? Christmas should be happy times with friends and family, not stress. It's not too late. Get your notepad or cell phone out and get those lists started.

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Make Your Christmas List in The Summer

Most of us purchase for the same friends and family every year for Christmas. Why not make that list in July and start picking things up? You will avoid holiday crowds, traffic, and stress. I've never heard anyone say they love running around at the last minute looking for gifts. If you're anything like I am, you can order everything online. Less time in the shopping malls will give you more time to decorate for the holiday. When all gifts are purchased, you can even wrap them early and stash them away. Your late nights closer to the holiday season, you can enjoy relaxing, enjoying Christmas music, and drinking Eggnog.

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Shop Off-Season Clearance

I'm not sure about you, but I love a great sale. I honestly don't pay full price for anything! The best deals are the ones offseason. Winter items are usually always on clearance-priced 60-80% off. The catch is you need to go at the beginning of the summer sale. If you wait, things may be out of stock, and it always seems hard to find the size you need. When shopping off-season, you're not only getting things on sale but also avoiding Christmas crowds. If you collect specific Christmas ornaments, summer is an excellent time to get them before they are out of stock. You are not the only one that manages them, so get them early. Put a reminder on your phone if you have to. Technology is your friend. Personalized stockings, decorations, and other small items can be added to your list as well. Large items such as appliances, furniture, and computers also go on sale in the summer. Some people love getting devices as gifts. If you want to see the Christmas Tree or lights at the mall, you can do just that. Literally! The more you add to your summer list, the less you have to get when the Christmas season arrives!

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Prepare Your Christmas Cards

Christmas in July doesn't have to stop with Hallmark movie channel. Have a beautiful photoshoot on the beach or a lovely park with lots of palm trees. Do your research on Summer Christmas photos. There are plenty of ideas out there to choose from, and it will be fun for your family. You won't have to stress about choosing photos to add to your Christmas cards. You are ahead of the game. Get your card list together and start writing them out.

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Those are my personal Christmas in July ideas, but there are plenty of other advantages. Martha Stewart has solutions for everything. I read a lot of her articles and get so many ideas from her. I'm happy with how I keep myself, and my customers are delighted as well. I'll share a link to one of her articles with high points:


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