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Thursday's Task: Living Room Items to Toss Now


Believe it or not, too many magazines and books can make your living room look a bit messy. Magazines should be tossed out over a year old. If you own a magazine rack and the books are tightly stuffed, you have too many. In my opinion, a 6-month rotation works well for me. When it comes to books, classic books that you haven't read in years can go as well as books that are simply out of date. Keeping a donation bin in the garage labeled books and magazines would be a great idea. Old books and magazines can be donated to several places in your area. Goodwill, libraries, used bookstores are a start.

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Junk mail

Junk mail can become a nightmare if it's not under control. I don't even have a place for it in my house; it goes straight into the recycle bin. You can spot it right away, so if you know its trash, throw it away before it becomes clutter.

Tattered throw blankets

Overtime, blankets can get worn and tattered. Just a word of advice: if it looks shabby and ragged to you, it does to everyone else who comes to visit. Please do yourself a favor and throw it out and buy a new one.

Outdated media (VHS & cassette tapes)

Technology is the answer to music. iTunes is my best friend. As far as VHS tapes, everything that I did ave on VHS can be watched on Netflix. These are also items that can be donated to Goodwill.

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Excercise videos not used

If you choose to work out at home, you haven't used a video in six months; you probably won't. Throw the old ones out and purchase new ones or pull some up on television. Amazon Fire Stick Amazon Prime and Netflix have all sorts of workout videos. I use all 3 and never get bored and don't have to deal with a collection of unused videos.

Broken or scratched CD's and DVD's

When you watch a movie, and you don't absolutely love it, it's probably a good chance that you won't watch it again. Save your time and dusting skills, and donate it or give it away to a friend.

All these items are in most living rooms today. You'd be amazed at how much space you have and how nice the room looked if they were kept to a minimum or completely gone. If you're interested in a living room makeover, check out ideas from HDTV in the article below. Get to tossing before the weekend.


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